000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ACS Engineering & Infrastructure – ACS Engineering & Infrastructure, a leading engineering and construction company, has worked in both government and private projects in civil and mechanical works including high value added projects which require technology and expertise

Industrial construction

As its well-known reputation of a leading contractor in India about industrial projects including its experiences for over years,

Road Construction

Mass Transit Transportations, Highways, Roads, Bridges and jetty work. We strive to provide customers with the highest value added by using new advanced technology of construction in order to meet on-time delivery and quality projects

Soil Testing

Soil testing helps in determining varying physical and chemical characteristic of soil, which can vary from place to place and from layer to layer

Land Development

As we all aware of global warming, a part of environmental concerns thus there are a few projects of environment such as Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment, The company has its truly intention through these projects where they will be the good aspect for making a better place for living to all human kind.

Real Estate

We believe we can provide a better level of service and demonstrate desirable projects with satisfaction record.

interiors and landscaping

ACS Engineering & Infrastructure Interior Concepts is a professional interior design company. They are known for their stylish, contemporary and urbane designs. Their work includes designs for Residential, Retail, Commercial and Hospitality etc.


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